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Largo Molinuzzo,9, PISTOIA, Pistoia, Pistoia

Coffee, tea, fruit juices and mineral water

oasting Espresso Giada was born in 1999 after a long cohabitation with another traditional roasting. Espresso Giada is born with an artisanal spirit and produces only excellence, coffee beans in 1 kg bags and bags (2 to 250 g in box) System espresso giada. In 2005 comes the food line created for the best restaurants and bars, 42 different products single origins and blends, in pods of ecological paper (disposing damp), to be presented with a detailed map of the cafes, where the consumer chooses comfortable with the coffee they prefer. With waffles coffee is always perfect, as freshly ground, and packaged individually. In 2012 the line was born giada Bar with 16 different products always in wafer paper. Request by barristi who want to give a different and coffee always perfect, and the charter of coffee customers choose the coffee they prefer. Also in 2012 founded the line of teas and tea, 22 products, always packed in paper pods. Created for the request of the rooms in the hotel, combined with a small coffee machine. Espresso Giada specializes in the packaging of coffee pods for catering. The product that emerges is entirely made by artisans and small quantities, which allows you to control and make the most of the best coffee in the world. The packaging system pods, also allows you to keep all the flavor and richness of real coffee roasted over a slow fire, allowing the complete and uniform cooking of precious beans used. The natural roasting employed guarantees the fragrance and genuineness of coffee. All the qualities produced are packed in practical and comfortable waffles, made with paper filter highly ecological food, in a controlled atmosphere, all delivered in elegant and practical displays of 25 pods each, allowing for maximum cleaning and preservation of the coffee aroma. Espresso Giada is also specialized in the distribution of espresso coffee machines for bars, restaurants and clubs in general, for all our products in pods. Coffee Menu The Charter of coffee is a collection containing all the quality of coffee produced by Espresso Giada. With it will be very easy for the customer to choose the mix that pleases him most and then be immediately served with the convenience of using pods. Each pod contains the dose for a single cup of coffee, so as to preserve the flavor and fragrance even after a long time, not to lose the quality of freshly ground coffee.





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