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Via G. Mameli 7, vercelli, Vercelli, Vercelli

Grains, bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits

Sapise, Sardo Piemontese Sementi is a company that produces seeds and rice for consumption. The administrative headquarters is located in the heart of Vercelli, near the historical Rice Stock Exchange. The Cooperative of Sapise consists of 15 farms, located in Sardinia, in Tirso’s Oasi, and Piedmont, in the provinces of Vercelli and Novara. Sa.pi.se is endowed with a R&D Centre committed to establish new rice varieties with techniques totally natural (without the use of GMOs), starting from the natural process of pollination of plants. In this way Sapise helps to improve the natural resistance of plants to diseases and consequently reduce the use of chemical treatments in paddy field. Among the variety of rice created by Sapise there are special rices for consumption, grown exclusively in Italy by members of the Cooperative according with the principles of sustainable agriculture. The most famous is rice Venere, the first black italian aromatic rice, marketed through a controlled supply chain that guarantees the authenticity and quality. What are the characters? Color: black rice Venere and red rice Hermes take their natural color from the plant. The aroma: Sapise’s rices have a natural aroma that is released during cooking and it’s similar to freshly baked bread. Nutritional values: rices and grains colored pericarp bring with them a value-added nutritional value, demonstrated by analysis conducted by certified laboratories. Their use in the kitchen: the rice for risotto Carnaroli and Vialone Nano and the rice Originario are perfectly useful for different preparations of Italian culinary tradition. Find out Rice Venere and all the others Special Rice Sapise www.sapise.it www.risovenere.it

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